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Highland Sprint Series – Round 3

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April 10 @ 8:00 am - April 11 @ 5:00 pm

Highlands is as committed to grass roots racing as it is to higher profile events and we will be back, bigger and better than ever for the 2020/2021 Highlands Sprint Series (HSS) season.

The HSS is open to all competitors with the required MSNZ licence and vehicle with a minimum of a MSNZ certified half roll cage. This opens up the opportunity for people who haven’t raced at Highlands to give it a go.

For the HSS, the circuit configuration will be circuit A and circuit C of Highlands joined together creating a 2.9km circuit.



31st October 2020 – Highlands Sprint Series Round 1

8th November 2020 – Highlands Sprint Series Round 2

10th & 11th April 2021 – Highlands Sprint Series Round 3

24th April 2021 – Highlands Sprint Series Round 4



Download an Event Schedule here soon



Tickets are not required for this event.

  • Watch from the Highlands Cafe and enjoy the action from the elevated deck.
  • Head down to the grass berm beside our Go Kart track and see the competitors as they make their way under the bridge, through the carousel and down to the hairpin.
  • Head over to the Pit Area via Cemetery Road and see the cars and competitors up close. Level One of our Pit Lane Building will be open for that elevated standpoint.



Races consist of 3 x 6 laps races plus 1 x 8 Lap “Fast and Furious” race per round, there will be 4 classes. These classes will be determined on “break out” lap times. Points will be awarded per race.

Entry Fees – Competitors will be able to enter the full 4 rounds at a discounted price and will have priority over those who chose a round by round option. The full entry fees are in the Supp Regs.

Prize giving – There will be a prize giving at the Control Tower, after the last race, at the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Entries are limited so act now and become part of the history that is Highlands.

Download Entry Forms here

Download Supplementary Regulations here soon


  • Rolling Starts: We introduced rolling starts last season to give competitors something new that they may have never tried before. Rolling starts are mainly used in Endurance racing formats across the globe like the WEC at Le Mans. Make sure to read the Supplementary Regulations AND Also the MSNZ manual on the Rolling Start procedures.
  • Placing Points: We have change the finishing place points table this season to reward consistency and penalise DNF’s.
  • The new Points table is as follows from 1st place down: 75,67,60,54,49,45,42,39,36,33,30,28,26,24,22,20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2,1.
  • Break out Penalty: This season the “breakout” penalty is a 50 point deduction. This means you really need to make sure you are competing in the correct class and manage your lap times. To incur a “breakout” penalty will definitely hinder your Championship points. Unlike last season you will not change your grid position for the next race following a “breakout” penalty.
  • FHR: Just another reminder to all competitors that Forward Head Restraints mandatory at Highlands. We totally understand that it adds additional costs to racing but we do feel the safety advantages outweigh the cost. We also believe that it will become mandatory across New Zealand in the near future. Suppliers are also working hard to get the pricing down as low as possible to the competitors. Please note that you do need a FHR compatible helmet, do not go trying to drill your non FHR compatible helmet as this will damage the integrity of the helmet and will not pass scrutineering. The is a list of approved FHR Device and Helmet Standards in the Motorsport NZ Manual – Appendix Two- Schedule A – 4.2. There are some interesting video online showing the differences in “with” and “without” head and neck restraint devices, with so much proven testing and data, there is no real reason not to wear one and a LOT of reasons to wear one

As the Sprint Series is getting more and more popular, it is advisable to get your entries in ASAP as we do have a max grid number of 40 cars on the A + C track configuration. This mean that we only have space for 20 cars per Class.



For media accreditation at this event, please contact Paula Buchanan by email to:

By attending this event you give permission for our official photographer to use your image for marketing and promotion of Highlands Motorsport Park and our Associated Partners

April 10 @ 8:00 am
April 11 @ 5:00 pm

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June 4, 2019