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GT Membership

Membership Joining Fee

$10,000 + GST

Membership Annual Fee

$4,500 + GST


The Highlands and Hampton Downs GT Membership programme continues to thrive with a full membership at Highlands and limited space left at Hampton Downs. The membership caters to all car enthusiasts, from the beginner to those competing at the highest level. The GT Membership provides a safe, controlled environment for a diverse range of cars, drivers and experience.

Membership at Highlands, is about using the track when it suits you, you’ll have up to 80 days a year that you can use the track.  With the ability to run the track in reverse and separate it in to three separate circuits that can be run simultaneously, we have the ability to configure the 4.2km circuit over 27 different ways – and of course there is a fantastic skid pan, which is there for your enjoyment as well!


While any membership needs to have rules, we have 3 Golden Rules which apply to everything we do.  We’ve stuck to these principles across the membership and everyone is winning!

Use it, Don’t abuse it: This world class facility and all the membership benefits are yours to enjoy.  All we ask is that you do not take advantage of it.

Leave it better than you found it: Enjoy everything on offer and help us improve it where we can.

Treat it like your own: We welcome you to come and treat Highlands as if it is yours.  Be proud of it, respect it and use every aspect of the facility in the way you would if it was yours.

Don’t be “THAT” person: We like to keep things as easy and stress free as possible and find that people with the same ethos last a very long time here.


  • Your membership gives you 80 days of track access per year which can be used when it suits you!
  • Reciprocal rights at our sister track, Hampton Downs which you can utilise on any of their scheduled Member’s Days.
  • Entry into the GT Member Lounge for you and your guests
  • Free entry into the National Motorsport Museum for you and your guests
  • Free GA entry into all Highlands and Hampton Downs events
  • Member privileges for VIP Hospitality at all events at Highlands and Hampton Downs
  • Access to driver training
  • Plus so much more


For more information, please contact:

Heather Lindsay
GT Membership Manager
Ph: 021 209 3987