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A behind the scenes look at what it’s like to Go Kart for the first time at Highlands

Go Karting is a rite of passage for most Kiwi kids but still incredibly fun for grown-ups. If you haven’t tried Go Karting before then Go Karts at Highlands on their 650m outdoor track is like hitting the jackpot – it’s an exceptional experience in every way possible – thrilling and fun for the whole family.

Nestled between high country ranges and an evergreen forest, you arrive to a world-class facility with stunning 360 views of Central Otago hills around you. The destination is an experience in itself – so much so you’ll want your camera handy to capture all the beautiful scenery!  

This is what to expect on your first Go Karts experience at Highlands.

Go-karting at Highlands Motorsport Park
Our Go Karts ready to race!

What to wear

Go Karting attire means no loose clothing and you need to wear closed footwear. A lightweight jacket is handy especially in the winter as well as gloves since you will be Go Karting outdoors and will be exposed to the elements.

Check-in and safety briefing

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your race time so you get plenty of time to familiarise yourself with your surrounds and prepare for your Go Kart experience.

Get some tips on how to get the most out of your Go Kart, how to drive it, and how to avoid bumping into the barrier or other karts – which is strictly not allowed.

Learn about how the safety light system on the track works during your race and how the Go Karts can be controlled by remote control in case of an incident. You’ll also be briefed on how to get the attention of staff if you need assistance while on the track.

Make sure you listen closely to find out how each lap is timed and tips on how to win your race – there is even a podium for bragging rights!

Go Karting at Highlands Motorsport Park
Safety is our top priority at Highlands, especially when it comes to our Go Karts.

Inside Go Karts HQ

A stand-alone building from the main Highlands facility, Go Karts HQ is where your experience begins. This is where you will watch a safety briefing video and go over health and safety. You will get to see an aerial photo of the track to get your bearings and better familiarise yourself with the track. There’s also a score board showing you the top overall times in the history of Go Karts at Highlands – so you know just what time to beat!

Complimentary lockers are provided for guests to store hats, phones, bags, wallets, loose clothing or other personal belongings. There are also two bathrooms available onsite.

What is provided

We provide hair nets and full face NZ Safety accredited helmets for you. You can also bring your own helmet as long as it’s a full face NZ Safety accredited helmet. Our helmets are also compatible with Go-Pro mounts so if you have a Go-Pro camera, you can bring it with you to film your race.

Go Kart specs

  • Top quality, German built Rimo karts
  • Speeds of up to 50 km/hr
  • Single or two seater (tandem) options
  • Brake pedal on left
  • Accelerator pedal on the right

The Go Karts at Highlands are top of the line. The minimum age to drive your own single kart is 10 years old (1.4 m tall). Tandem karts are suitable for 6-10 year olds (minimum 1.2 m tall) with an adult to ride with who will operate the brake and accelerator. There is dual steering in the two seater Go Karts so children can also steer the tandem kart.

Go-karting at Highlands Motorsport Park
Our Go Karts are top of the line

Highlands outdoor Go Kart course

  • 650 metre outdoor track
  • Consists of 672 cubic metres of concrete
  • Edged with 4,830 tyres
  • Each lap is timed
  • Plenty of turns and a back straight on the purpose-built track
  • Viewing platforms to watch other Go Kart races

For families, friends, day trips and special occasions, Go Karts at Highlands is a fun, exhilarating and safe experience that caters to all ages – with no prior experience necessary. Go Karts is also a great team building activity for corporate events, sports teams as well as stag and hen dos!

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December 19, 2019

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