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Highlands’ Supercar Fast Dash – ride the Ferrari of your dreams

A couple of years ago, actor Keanu Reeves (yes the famous Matrix master) test drove a Ferrari 488 GTB and this is what he had to say:

“It’s a car you instantly feel an incredible synergy with,” he’s quoted as saying in an article on Ferrari’s News site about the visit. “It’s like it’s tailored around you, an extension of your body and your mind. There’s no doubt about it: Ferrari is the dream…”

And Highlands is just the place to make that dream a reality for you. With the Highlands Supercar Fast Dash available year round, you can ride the Ferrari 488 GTB anytime you wish.


Your Ferrari 488 GTB Supercar

Founded in 1947 in Maranello, Italy, Ferraris have achieved an iconic status – a brand of luxury, Italian sports cars that are coveted by people from all around the world. It’s a dream for many to be able to ride one – a true bucket-list experience that Highlands delivers exceptionally well.

The Ferrari 488 GTB is a high performing, luxurious sports car that you may not get to drive to work every day, but can experience for yourself at Highlands. And if you’re wondering what GTB stands for, it means Gran Turismo Berlinetta in Italian, a grand tourer with coupe styling – meaning a sporty, 2 door vehicle with the works.

A dream to ride with its state of the art engine and sophisticated aerodynamics, you will understand what we mean when you feel the Ferrari 488 GTB’s  razor-sharp responsiveness along the track.

So you can sit back and enjoy the ride as our highly trained, professional drivers drive you around the Highlands track – it’s one extremely fast lap dash that anyone 10 years of age and older can experience. And if you want to go again, you can add-on as many additional laps as you wish at $99/additional lap. We also provide you a safety helmet to wear during the ride so it’s all taken care of for you really and you can savour every second out there – just like Keanu.

Rides like a dream in real life – the Ferrari 488 GTB is one exceptional supercar.


Ferrari 488 GTB specs:
  • ENGINE:3,902cc, V8, twin-turbo, petrol
  • POWER:661bhp @ 8,000rpm
  • TORQUE:560 lb ft @ 3,000rpm
  • TRANSMISSION:7-speed dual-clutch sequential auto
  • ACCELERATION:0-100km/h in 3 seconds
  • TOP SPEED:225km/h
  • FUEL:8mpg
  • CO2:260g/km
  • DIMENSIONS:4,568mm x 1,952mm x 1,213mm


You can read more about the Highlands Supercar Fast Dash here or place a booking today.

February 7, 2019

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